Villas Luria Homes

Halkidiki, Greece
3 luxury villas
Sleeps 22 / 11 bedrooms

Welcome to Luria Homes, a complex of 3 luxurious villas situated on the coastline of the renowned Greek peninsula of Sithonia, in Halkidiki. Our residencies, surrounded with a natural landscape of exceptional beauty providing a range of high-end services, promise a vacation comparable to none.

On one side, the breath-taking view of the lush dense Mount Athos of Sithonia with pine and olive trees will impress you. On the other side, the view on the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and their private beach will let your eyes rest. This combination creates a unique experience and the ideal environment for real recreation, relaxation and tranquillity.

The interior of the houses was designed with modern and minimal decoration creating a unique, perfectly harmonious result which offers balance and peace. Every object and piece of furniture are carefully selected to contribute to the overall high aesthetics and quality appearance of the place.

Luria Homes are surrounded by a private area of 6km 2 with lush vegetation and a lovely themed garden developing for you a sense of privacy.

The themed garden, at the front side of the area, features a collection of aromatic herbs such as lavender and rosemary full of healing properties that represent peace and serenity and create a calming retreat.

At the rear of the villas, the area of olive trees, some of the oldest in Sithonia, estimated over 1000 years old, are there to admire them for the fact that remain alive and fruitful for thousands of years.

At the backside of the resort, the ruins of an early Christian church were discovered and unearthed. It is possible to viewing them only being on the property of Luria Homes.

Private beach

The private rocky beach of 15 meter long which is located directly in front of Luria Homes resort will fulfill all your expectations. It is accessible only for our guests, creating a sense of privacy, so valuable for ultimate relaxation. It is a place of simplicity and exceptional beauty that will make all your worries and anxieties vanish, gazing at the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

This unique experience is provided with all the comfort of the high quality facilities and services including:

  • Seaside Sun Loungers
  • Seaside Beach Tents


The 3 villas have many similarities in their design but, also each one has some unique characteristics. Externally, the dominant color of their architecture is the white which is combined with metal elements and wooden surfaces.

All the internal areas of the 3 luxurious homes, from the most personal of bedrooms and bathrooms to the communal dining areas, are governed by a distinctive style with a selection of decorative touches appropriate to a summer resort, providing all the modern comforts.

Each residence has a private garden with direct access from the ground floor, spread out in front of the houses reaching very close to the rocky beach. A few steps from the terraces there is also the private infinity pool of each one surrounded by greenery, giving the opportunity for relaxation and play.

Flowering plants harmoniously separate the three houses, offering privacy to our guests and guarantee recreation and tranquility.

Sleeps 8 / 4 bedrooms
Sleeps 8 / 4 bedrooms
Sleeps 6 / 3 bedrooms
Luria Homes are located in a very favorable point, in a small peninsula projecting into the Aegean Sea. They are situated between the town of Nikiti and the one of Neos Marmaras, on the Sithonia peninsula, in Halkidiki, Greece. It is the perfect location for those who look for privacy but also want some social life in the nearby Nikiti or Neos Marmaras that are crammed with restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars and a variety of shops.